Masjid Alhakeem Bowmanville

Our Marriage Officer only performs marriages after the applicant has purchased a MARRIAGE LICENSE at City Hall. Nikah must be at the Masjid itself and not at homes or halls.

Looking to Get Married?

If you are looking to get married yourself or trying to find a suitable companion for your son or daughter, sister or brother, or any other family member let us help you. please fill in some basic information about


Also please let us know some basic criteria of the type of person you are looking for.

One of the members of our Marriage Team

  • Maulana Noor-ud-din
  • Dr.Zaihan Rashid
  • Dr.Ashiqul Islam

Will contact you about any possible matches in our Database based on your interests and Inshallah connect you to them or their Guardian.

Marriage Services

Masjid Alhakeem Bowmanville has a Certified Ontario Licensed Marriage Officer.

How to Have your marriage performed?

  1. Complete the application for a Marriage License and submit it to your Local Municipal Office. It usually costs about $150, which they will collect from you.
  2. Complete the Application Form to have your marriage performed at Masjid Alhakeem Bowmanville. The Cost for a Marriage Officer to Perform the Nikah (Marriage) is $200.00.
  3. Select a day and time for your Marriage from the Marriage Calendar.

**Please note that the Marriage Officer may decline performing the marriage if Religious Guidelines are not adhered to.


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