Masjid Alhakeem

139 King St. East, Bowmanville, ON

Zakat Fitra

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Salaat Times

 Salah  Begins   Adhan  Jamat 
 Fajr 3:51AM 4:15AM 4:25AM
 Sunrise 5:53AM
 Zawal 1:01PM - 1:11PM
 Dhur 1:11PM 1:30PM 1:35PM
 Asr 5:10PM 6:35PM 6:45PM
 Maghrib  8:30PM 8:32PM 8:42PM
 Isha 10:07PM 10:05PM 10:15PM
 Jumah 1:11PM 1:15PM 1:30PM

Ramadan Timetable For 2021


Due to Provincial Restrictions, no more than
10 people
are allowed in the Masjid at any one time.


There will only be one Juma Salaat at Masjid Alhakeem
1:30 Azaan
1:45 Khutba

Limited Registration will open on Friday mornings right after Fajr Salaat.

Due to the limited amount of people allowed in the Masjid at this time, there are NO spaces available for Taraweeh.

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