Evening Maktab

Evening School for Children

Evening Maktab


***DO NOT drop off your child without completing the Registration Process.

Registration depends on the number of spaces available.
Please fill out a Registration Form in the Masjid Office to register your child(ren)

In order to comply with Covid requirements, the students must still wear Masks while indoors and maintain Physical Distancing.

Girls & Boys are taught separately. The girls are taught by a female teacher.


Children must be at least 5 years old to register

Subjects Taught

Qa'ida (Beginners)
Nazira (Basic Reading)
Hifz (Memorization)

Other Subjects Taught

Akhlaaq (Mondays)
Aqa'id (Tuesdays)
Seerat (Wednesdays)
Fiqh (Thursdays)
On an ongoing basis the students also learn, DUAS, SURAHS, KALIMAS, ALLAH'S NAMES, and SALAAT which are monitored individually for each student.


Evening Maktab Fees are $50 per child per month. This is to be paid with a Void Cheque. The fees will be withdrawn on the 3RD of every month. 
The fees are tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year.


Summer Maktab

(6 weeks)

Monday to Thursday
11am to 2pm
Group A- Boys (Ages 11+)
Group B- Boys (Ages 6-10)

Group C- Girls  (Ages 6-12)
Fees $100 per child
**The subjects taught are the same as those in the evening maktab, with the addition of some arts and crafts and outdoor activities.

For Registration, please come to the masjid at any salaat time and pick up a form from the office.